Treating Clients Fairly Policy

Policy statement

At Chancellors Lea Brewer LLP we are fully committed to providing the highest standards of advice and service to our clients by working in partnership with them.

Our clients are our most valuable asset and our aim is to ensure that we deliver a clientfriendly, robust, reliable, and cost-effective legal service to them.

Chancellors Lea Brewer LLP has a strong reputation in the local area for delivering outstanding client care and we strive to build long-standing, trusted relationships with all of our clients. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our Treating Clients Fairly Policy is designed to ensure that we consistently deliver fair outcomes to our clients in line with the SRA’s Code of Conduct.

Our services

In delivering our commitment to Treating Clients Fairly, Chancellors Lea Brewer LLP makes every effort to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied with the legal service they receive and we endeavour to:

  • on initial approach, assess the needs of the clients to be sure we have the skill and the capacity to work on their behalf
  • take client phone calls whenever possible and respond to letters and emails in a timely fashion
  • make sure all client matters are dealt with in order of urgency and not necessarily in order of the number of times the client phones or emails
  • comply with our Diversity and Equality Policy
  • Keep the client updated on progress of the file and ensure that the file is regularly monitored
  • manage the clients’ expectations by explaining the procedures
  • give realistic estimates of possible fees at the outset and keep the client informed of any changes in the estimate
  • be aware that some clients are less comfortable with technology than others
  • respect where a client is unable to come into the office due to exceptional circumstances and try to accommodate this, where possible
  • establish with whom to communicate when acting for joint clients
  • ultimately achieve the client’s objective.

Our approach

Our priority is to provide our clients with an excellent service underpinned by the quality of our advice. We are committed to ensuring that our clients want to use our services, stay with us and recommend us to their families, friends and colleagues.

Our service is shaped by listening to our clients’ needs and understanding what is important to them. We take responsibility for meeting the needs of our clients and always look for way to improve the quality of our service. We operate a rigorous file review system as part of our internal audit procedures as well as regularly conducting client surveys to ensure that we consistently enhance the service levels for the client.

We recognise that our employees are critical to delivering a positive client experience and ensuring our clients are treated fairly. All of our employees are fully trained in dealing with our clients and in treating them fairly.